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RockGroups exist to help RockFish Church grow smaller as it grows larger. The best way to experience a RockGroup is to join one or start one! It’s easy, link up with two friends or more, find a place to meet and you’re good to go!
Please be aware that groups meeting offiste at a home will only show their city, state, and zip code. The map will not show their address. When you communicate with the group leader, they can provide you with their address.
Shawanna's Student Bible StudySunday12:00-1:00pm21+RockFish ChurchRockFish Church -StudentsNoOpen
Jesus RocksSunday3:00-5:00pm0+RockFish Church(Offsite) HomeCouples, Family, Interest Group, Mens, Military at the Cross, Senior Adults, Students, WomensYesOpen
GenesisSunday3:00-6:00pm21+RockFish Church(Offsite) HouseWomensNoOpen
Food, Fun and FellowshipSunday4:00-7:00pm0+RockFish Church(Offsite) HomeCouples, Family, Interest Group, Military at the CrossNoOpen
RockFish RunnersMonday6:00-7:30am18+RockFish Church(Offsite) HouseInterest Group, Mens, Military at the CrossNoOpen
Gracefully BrokenMonday5:30-7:30pm18+RockFish Church(Offsite) HouseGeneral Bible Study, Interest Group, WomensYesOpen
RockFish OutreachMonday6:30-8:00pm21+RockFish Church(Offsite) HomeInterest Group, MensNoOpen
(Duplicate) Carrie's Womens Bible StudyMonday7:00-9:00pm18+RockFish Church(Offsite) HomeWomensYesOpen
Carrie's Womens Bible StudyMonday7:00-9:00pm18+RockFish Church(Offsite) HomeWomensYesOpen
Leadership thought for TuesdayTuesday5:00-6:00pm21+RockFish Church(Offsite) Facebook LiveInterest GroupNoOpen
I am still a giftTuesday6:00-8:00pm60+RockFish Church(Offsite) HouseSenior AdultsNoOpen
(MAC) Beyond Warriors Bride: Other Military SpousesTuesday6:30-8:00pm18+RockFish Church(Offsite) HouseMilitary at the Cross, WomensNoOpen
Life ManagementTuesday6:30-9:00pm21+RockFish Church(Offsite) HouseGeneral Bible StudyNoOpen
Knowing GodTuesday7:00-9:00pm21+RockFish Church(Offsite) HouseGeneral Bible StudyYesOpen
T.O.T.sThursday9:30-11:30am21+RockFish Church(Offsite) HouseFamilyYesOpen
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